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Renewing our region's culture of backyard gardening

Our Mission

A Garden In Every Lot aims to renew our community’s culture of backyard gardening. We help both individual community members and community organizations overcome barriers to starting a garden. We accomplish this by offering garden site assessment & preparation, tilling, seeds, and plant starts, and by helping community members work with local landlords and governmental bodies.


In concert with our community partners, we help coordinate gardening-focused educational programs and

community-building events.


Start Your
Own Garden!

Visit our Start a Garden page to learn more about how we can help you start your own backyard garden!


A recap of the 2022 installation season

Thank you to our partners for
making this season possible: 

Julie Husband & Jim O'Loughlin in honor of dedicated gardener Philip Husband
The Leighty Foundation
Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa
The Wellmark Foundation
Waterloo 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count!

View the 2022 Season Review here. 
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"We were thrilled with the work of the Garden in Every Lot AmeriCorps members. Having their help in preparing the ground and bringing us the plants meant the difference between having a garden this year and not being able to do it. The plants thrived and we have frozen 24 pints of tomatoes to enhance our diet during the winter months."


- Sally Browne, 2022 Gardener

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