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Resources for Gardeners

This page serves as a directory of both local and general gardening information and resources. 

If you are a beginning gardener, A Garden in Every Lot will directly provide tilling services, plants and seeds, and consultation. These resources may be especially helpful for second-year gardeners who received assistance from A Garden in Every Lot previously, as well as gardeners who do not qualify for our services.

Melissa Geimah full garden.jpg
Melissa Geimah full garden.jpg

Please review this document from ISU Extension for more details about when to plant and harvest certain vegetables.


Basic tips:

  • Harvest vegetables when they look like they would in a store

  • Pick cucumber, summer squash, and eggplant relatively early

  • Harvest broccoli before heads bloom

  • Harvest brussels sprouts from the bottom of the stalk up as they mature

  • Harvest garlic when tops fall over and begin browning

  • Harvest corn when the silk is dry and brown

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