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Start a Garden

Image by Markus Spiske

Start Your Garden!

The first step toward getting a garden started is filling out our Garden Application intake form, linked below. 

Image by Lukas Langrock

Garden Services

 Our trained team of Green Iowa AmeriCorps members will work with you, step by step, to create your garden, from site assessment to installation and beyond.

Site Preparation

We will assess your space and make suggestions on the best place to start your garden.


After a location has been chosen for the garden, we provide tilling services as needed.


We provide plant seeds and starts and work with you to plant produce in your newly tilled garden.

Accessory Items 

We can help your garden succeed by providing compost, mulch, and some basic fencing to help keep critters out.

Container Gardens

If you live in a rental or are unable to commit to an in-ground garden, we offer containers for you to grow produce in.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Important note: This program is intended to help beginning gardeners and those who currently have no established gardening space at their residence. If you already have garden beds that are in use, we cannot provide services. We provide start-up gardening services only.

    • Example: If you have an established garden plot that you use, we cannot provide services.

    • Example: If you have moved into a new home where the previous owner had garden beds, but they have not been used for several years, we can provide services.

    • Not sure if you qualify? Email or call us and we will talk through your situation and needs.


  • Are there any requirements to be eligible for this program?

    • The only requirement to participate in A Garden in Every Lot is being a resident of Black Hawk County, Iowa. Our program is focused on the Cedar Falls-Waterloo metro area. There are no income or experience requirements. There is no cost to participate in the program - all services are free of charge, though donations are appreciated.

  • What is the timeline of services?​

    • Once you submit your application, an AmeriCorps member will contact you in the spring to schedule a site assessment and tilling for your garden. We will provide you with an installation date and a time frame in which we will arrive at your residence to install your garden.

    • Note: There may be a delay in services due to the number of applications we have received. Tilling is dependent on weather, and typically occurs once the soil is dry enough and the weather is warming up.

  • When is the application open?

    • Our application for 2023 garden installations will be open until June 15, 2023. Applications submitted after this date will be added to our 2024 waitlist.

  • Do you provide raised garden beds?

    • We are unable to provide raised garden beds at this time.​

  • When can I start planting my garden?​

    • It is recommended to start planting your garden after the final frost of the season, which is usually mid to late May in Iowa.

  • Do you provide repeat services to returning gardeners?​

    • We do not currently provide repeat services to returning gardeners. For example, we will not till a garden that the program tilled last year. Please visit our resources page to find other services and resources to help you have continued success with your garden.​​​​

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