Prepping your Garden

On this page, you will find resources for starting your garden. 

For first time applicants, the team will come out to your garden to help till and provide you with seeds, starts, and compost.

This page will be most helpful for second year gardeners and beyond, who we do not provide these services to.

Tilling services and places to rent a tiller in the Cedar Valley.

Find out where to get seeds and plant starts in the Cedar Valley.

Learn pros and cons of low and no-till gardening, along with the 'why' and 'how' behind these practices. 

Click here to learn more about prepping your garden as a first timer. And beware of Black Walnut Trees.

View a document from ISU Extension on starting seeds at home, or check out Fruition Seeds' free courses.

Recommended for gardeners with experience.

Find out where to get compost in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.